Donkeys, people and development
Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa

Donkeys, people and development: web version
edited by Paul Starkey and Denis Fielding

Papers from the 'Donkeys, people and development' resource book are being made available in PDF format that can be read on-line, printed and/or saved to your computer. The ones in blue can be accessed in this way by clicking on them. Most of these PDF papers have file sizes between 100 kb and 250 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files may take between one and four minutes to download. Larger files are marked ** and will take a little longer.
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Trends in donkey populations and the socio-economic context

Regional and world trends in donkey populations, **  360 kb

Paul Starkey and Malcolm Starkey

The history and spread of donkeys in Africa

Roger Blench

Donkeys and development: socio-economic issues,** 560 kb

Priyanthi Fernando and Paul Starkey

Donkeys, people and development in Ethiopia and Eritrea

Donkey utilisation and management in Ethiopia,

Feseha Gebreab, Alemu G Wold, Friew Kelemu Abule Ibro and Ketema Yilma

The use of donkeys for transport in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Geta Kidanmariam

Transport constraints and the roles of mules and donkeys in Kaffecho Zone, Ethiopia, 59

John Howe and Rabira Garba

Gender issues in donkey use in rural Ethiopia, 64

Kathy Marshall and Zahra Ali

The role of donkey pack-transport in the major grain market of Addis Ababa, 71

Sisay Zenebe and Tilahun Fekade

Research needs of donkey utilisation in Ethiopia, 79

Alemu Gebre Wold, Azage Tegegne and Alemu Yami

Traditional sayings about donkeys in Ethiopia, 84

Zelealam Bekele

The importance of donkeys in a restocking programme in Eritrea, 86

Ezedeen Hamid

Donkeys and the provision of livestock to returnees: lessons from Eritrea, 88

Andy Catley and Stephen Blakeway

Donkeys, people and development in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Donkey power in the context of smallholder mechanisation and agribusiness in Kenya, 96

Pascal Kaumbutho, Elizabeth Waithanji and A Karimi

Some challenges to the use of donkeys in Kenya, 101

Joseph Mutua

The use of donkeys for transport in Kajiado, Kenya, 104

Jo Leyland

Donkey traction in Tanzania: some critical issues, 109

Hussein Sosovele

The status and potential of donkeys in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, 115

G Mwakitwange, S Haule, M Massunga and M Sizya

Sasakawa Global 2000 and household-located animal traction centres in Tanzania, 118

Mark Lyimo

The economic impact of pack donkeys in Makete, Tanzania, 120

Niklas Sieber

Pack donkeys, bicycles and carts: a case-study from Sukumaland in north-west Tanzania, 124

Ally M Ngendello and W C SHeemskerk

Integrating donkey transport into a smallholder dairy project involving women farmers in Uganda, 129

John Olupot and Lilian Sseruwo

Donkeys, people and development in Zambia and Malawi

Donkey promotion in Western Province, Zambia, 132

Given Mwaika Bwalya

Extension staff and farmer training challenges in donkey traction applications, 136

Martin Bwalya

Donkey lending and credit schemes in rural Zambia, 139

Christina Chisembele and Mwilola Imakando

Social consequences of introducing donkeys into Zambia, 142

Rhoda Mofya

Donkeys in Zambia: experiences with their importation and quarantine, 145

Emmanuel Mwenya and Christina Chisembele

Factors affecting the efficient use of donkeys in Malawi, 150

Wells F Kumwenda

Donkeys, people and development in Botswana and Namibia

Donkey use in south-east Botswana highlighting gender differences, 156

Adeolu A Aganga and D Seabo

Donkey power technology in the Gaborone Region of Botswana, 160

Adeolu A Aganga and C M Tsopito

An economic analysis of the utilisation of donkeys in Botswana: the past and the future, 164

May Mrema

Economic and gender issues of donkey use in Kweneng and Kgatleng Districts, Botswana, 168

May Mrema

History and utilisation of donkeys in Namibia, 174

Emmanuel Mwenya and Godfried Keib

Donkey traction in north central Namibia, 177

Nestor Haufiku, Sylvanus Naunyango and Christophe Rigourd

Donkeys as an alternative draft power source for women in Kavango, Namibia, 183

Frans Itepu

Donkeys, people and development in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Harnessing systems for donkeys in Zimbabwe, 186

Bertha Mudamburi

The role of donkeys in integrated crop-livestock systems in semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe, 190

Lindela R Ndlovu, T Bwakura and J H Topps

The use of donkeys for transport in South Africa, 194

Dirk Hanekom

Response to demand: meeting farmers’ need for donkeys in southern Africa, 198

Peta A Jones

Socio-economic and health aspects of donkeys in North-West and Eastern Cape Provinces, South Africa, 205

Donné Wells,R C Krecek and J A Kneale

Donkeys, people and development in Nigeria and Ghana

Donkeys in Nigeria: history, distribution and productivity, 212

Roger Blench, A de Jode and E Gherzi

Improving donkey utilisation and management in Nigeria, 222

Mabayoje A Ladeinde and Y S Ademiluyi

Utilisation of donkeys in southern Ghana, 224

Emmanuel A Canacoo

Donkeys, people and development in Bolivia, Bulgaria, Egypt and Pakistan

From beast of burden to multi-purpose power source: challenges for the use of donkeys in Bolivia, 230

Jeroen Dijkman and Brian Sims

Donkey utilisation in Bulgaria, 235

Gueorgui Barzev

Donkey management and utilisation in Peshawar, Pakistan, 238

Shahabat Khan

The health and husbandry of donkeys used by Zabbalin rubbish collectors in Cairo, Egypt, 240

Salah Wahib Fahmy


Other documents about donkeys
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