Animal traction in a farming systems perspectives
Farming Systems Support Project  Network Report No. 1
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Animal traction in a farming systems perspective
 prepared by 
Susan Poats, John Lichte, James Oxley Sandra Russo and Paul Starkey

 A Farming Systems Support Project Networkshop March 3-8, 1985, Kara, Togo

187 pages, Published 1985.

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Section 1 Introduction and networkshop overview     3

An overview of FSR/E and a conceptual framework for the networkshop     7

Section 2  Keynote presentations 

Systems experience related to livestock 
        H Zandstra     11 
Animal traction research and extension in Africa: an overview 
        P Starkey     19
Report on CIMMYT Networkshop on draught power and animal feeding 
        S Russo     29 

Section 3  Animal traction project experience     32

Sierra Leone  -   P Starkey and B Kanu     35
The Gambia  -  S Owens     37
Burkina Faso  -  V Barrett     39
Senegal  -  A Faye     43
Togo -  K Apetofia and A Westneat     47
Field trip reports and projects involved in animal traction in Togo   51   

Section 4 Summaries of small group discussions (1.4MB)

Group 1. Precondition for successful adoption 
        P Starkey     67
Group 2. Feeding resources and animal feeding
        S Russo     76
Group 3. Methodologies for on-farm experimentation with animals 
        J Oxley     82
Group 4. Management of Technology
        J  Lichte     85        
Group 5. Monitoring and evaluation
       J  Lichte     88  

Section 5 The wrap-up

Comments on the networkshop by the resource persons     91
Workshop evaluation     96
Future networking activities     99

Section 6 Appendices (3MB)

1. List of participants and addresses     101 
2. Abbreviations and acronyms     101
3. Closing speech     107
4. Cable from USAID/Togo     109 
5. Voice of America news cable     111
6. Animal traction project interventions     113 
7. Information sources on animal traction     125
8. Documentation center     129
9. Bibliography     131
10. Networkshop program     161
11. The design and testing of improved livestock technology for mixed farms
        H Zandstra     165
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